Campfire Stories

The CNF Wheelchair Camp is all about building community, forging connections, and changing lives—one moment at a time. Here are a few stories of real-life CNF campers that capture how we’re doing just that.


After spending much of his childhood in and out of surgeries, Blake had a hard time connecting with other kids. That all changed when his parents brought him to CNF Wheelchair Camp.

“He’s become more outgoing and willing to try new things,” say his parents Aric and Megan, who have made camp an annual tradition. “He knows there’s an entire community of people who have his back and will advocate for him.

“We drive twelve hours to get to camp, and we’d drive twice that if we had to. It means that much to our family.”


Meet Griffin: a funny, sweet, smart-as-can-be boy who was born Arthrogryposis Multiplex Congenita. Despite his amazing attitude, Griffin was treated differently at school and in his small town. At times, that made him feel alone.

To help him build friendships and social skills, Griffin’s family traveled across the country to CNF Wheelchair Camp. Over a week of amazing group activities, Griffin’s confidence grew. By the end, he was cruising around the campground with his new group of friends.

After camp, when the first day of school came around, Griffin insisted on wearing his CNF t-shirt. That’s because, in his words, “It was the best week ever.”


When her son, Micah, experienced a spinal cord injury, Laura left her job and became his full-time caregiver.

Like many caregivers, Laura had a hard time finding people who could truly understand and empathize with her situation. And then she found CNF Wheelchair Camp.

When Laura and Micah arrived at Camp, they met Chris Norton, along with other members of the community. They started talking and were shocked by how other families could relate to their experiences: from the emotional highs and lows to the “little things” that are hard to explain to anyone without similar experiences.

By the end of the week, Micah and Laura had found something money can’t buy: a community of compassion and understanding.

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